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1. Canada's new climate target
Last week the Trudeau government tabled new climate legislation that promises to reach net-zero climate emissions by the year 2050. What’s different about this target?

  • [min 1:14]  Sara Hastings-Simon – Senior Researcher at the Payne Institute for Public Policy at the Colorado School of Mines & Research Fellow at the University of Calgary

Links: Bill C-12 - An Act respecting transparency and accountability in Canada’s efforts to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2050

2. Can Joe Biden stop climate change?
It's being called the most ambitious climate agenda ever. It's worth $1.7 trillion and it was a centrepiece of Joe Biden's election campaign. Here’s a Coles Notes of what’s in it.

  • [min 6:00]  Dan Woynillowicz – Principal, Polaris Strategy + Insights

3. Can Quebec remain Canada’s greenest province?

Quebec’s reputation was on the line last week when Francois Legault released his government’s first climate plan, including a promise to phase out fossil-fueled cars by 2035. Is the plan up to snuff?

  • [min 15:30]  Colleen Thorpe – Executive Director, Equiterre

Links: Quebec’s Plan for a Green Economy

4. 60-Second Report: "2020 Provincial Energy Efficiency Scorecard "

  • [min 20:30]  Brendan Haley – Efficiency Canada

Links: Check out the report

5. “Five Other Things Happening in the Clean Economy This Week”

  • [min. 22:20] Mike Moffatt – Senior Director, Smart Prosperity Institute

Links: Read Mike’s blog on the “5 Other Things Happening in the Clean Economy This Week

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Episode 4 includes music and clips from Eric Campbell, Audio Jungle, CPAC, Le Devoir, and DW News

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