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1. Can Canada's conservatives get serious about climate change?
Conservatives in Canada have had a mixed relationship with climate change. How can they re-claim the climate issue? Can they win on climate change? And what does an ambitious but conservative climate agenda look like?

  • [min 2: 30]  Mitch Davidson – Executive Director, Strategy Corp Institute of Public Policy and Economics
  • [min 6:55]  Ken Boessenkool – Professor, Max Bell School of Public Policy at McGill University
  • [min 11:47]  Melissa Lantsman – Vice President, Enterprise Canada



2. Adventures in eliminating subsidies for the fossil fuel sector
In 2009, Canada joined its G20 peers in committing to eliminate subsidies for the fossil fuel sector. A new report scores Canada's performance.

  • [min 17:10]  Vanessa Corkal – Policy Analyst, International Institute for Sustainable Development



3. 60-Second Report: "Reassessment of Need for the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project"

  • [min 21:17]  J David Hughes – Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives



4. “Five Other Things Happening in the Clean Economy This Week”

  • [min. 23:18] Mike Moffatt – Senior Director, Smart Prosperity Institute



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Episode 3 includes music from Eric Campbell and Audio Jungle.

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