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1. Overhaul in Canada's auto sector.
A pair of bombshell announcements mean that Canada is on its way to becoming a major zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) maker. But how does an entire industry go through that kind of transition?

  • [min 2: 50] Charlotte Yates – President and Vice-chancellor, University of Guelph
  • [min 7:51] Jerry Dias – National President, Unifor

- Report: The Future of the Canadian Auto Industry
- Summary: The Ford and Fiat-Chrysler announcements, by Electric Autonomy Canada
- Heavy-duty vehicles: New Flyer, Lion Electric and Hydrogen pilot in Alberta

2. Barriers to the Indigenous Economy.
With the confrontation over Mi'kmaq (Sipekne’katik) lobster fishing rights as a backdrop, the President & CEO of the Canadian Council of Aboriginal Business talks about barriers to Indigenous businesses and communities in getting a piece of the economy.

  • [min 13:55] Tabatha Bull – President & CEO, Canadian Council of Aboriginal Business

3. “60-Second Report”: Building a Greener Recovery – Lessons from the Great Recession

  • [min 19:55] Edward Barbier – University Distinguished Professor, Department of Economics and Senior Scholar, School of Global Environmental Sustainability at Colorado State University

- Check out the report

4. “Five Other Things Happening in the Clean Economy This Week”

  • [min. 21:53]

1 - IKEA announces it will buy back furniture to decrease waste
2 - CIBC issues its first-ever green bond
3 – The Automotive Parts Manufacturers' Association (APMA) released designs for Project Arrow, a concept electric vehicle that uses entirely made-in-Canada parts
4 – The IEA’s World Energy Outlook 2020 report calls solar power “the cheapest electricity in history”
5 - Ontario proposes a dramatic change to how recycling is handled 

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Episode 2 includes clips and music from CBC News, Zapsplat, Eric Campbell and Audio Jungle.


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