April 15, 2021 - from Maclean's Magazine

By Stewart Elgie

Carbon Engineering is a Canadian clean technology success story. Started by Canadian physicist David Keith, the company developed technology that captures carbon dioxide from the air and turns it into synthetic fuel—or stores it underground. This game-changing innovation has attracted investment from the likes of Bill Gates.

The company’s first pilot plant, built in 2015 in Squamish B.C., has been a success. So Carbon Engineering recently decided to scale up its technology and build a second, much larger plant. Unfortunately, to Canada’s great disappointment, the company chose Texas as the location—mainly because the U.S. offers generous tax incentives and other supports for clean technology companies.

If Canada wants to hang on to promising cleantech companies like Carbon Engineering, so they stay and grow here, we need to keep pace with the U.S. by offering similar incentives in the upcoming federal budget...


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Stewart Elgie

Executive Chair