The Circular Economy Global Sector Best Practices series aims to provide a starting point, background resource, and rich reference source for future efforts to engage Canadian firms and innovators in the journey towards a circular economy, and to build sector-based roadmaps to a circular economy in Canada. 

Twelve core strategies for rethinking resource consumption and optimizing the use of resources to transition to a circular economy are detailed in the Introduction to the series. Real-world practices supporting these strategies have been catalogued for seven sectors, each profiled in its own document:

  1. Minerals and Metals
  2. Electronics
  3. Agri-food
  4. Construction
  5. Plastics
  6. Bioeconomy
  7. Automotive Manufacturing

This chapter explores the circular strategies and practices currently employed in the automotive manufacturing sector. It begins with an outline of the automotive sector's economic and environmental importance, including data on economic potential of waste resources where available.


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