Canada already employs one of the world’s most sophisticated accounting systems for natural capital. In 2013 it estimated the value of our marketable natural resource assets at $750 billion. With this initiative, Smart Prosperity Institute seeks to further refine our understanding of the economic value of nature, to advance the economic tools and policies to protect it, and to better build the environment into economic measures of success.



Species at Risk

The overwhelming majority of Canadians want species at risk populations to recover. But population trends are sobering and will persist without intervention from policymakers. This project seeks to provide actionable guidance and recommendations for how governments and other stakeholders can unlock policy tools and incentives to improve species at risk recovery work in Canada.



Natural Capital & Productivity

The goal of this project is to shed light on the relationship between economic activity and the environment by exploring the linkages between changes in our natural capital and our measures of productivity generally, and through the construction of an environmentally adjusted measure of productivity specifically.




Municipal Natural Assets Initiative

Local governments across Canada are faced with significant asset management challenges. Many of the services they provide - including water and wastewater delivery, waste removal, transportation, and environmental services. The Municipal Natural Assets Initiative aims to equip local governments across Canada with the tools needed to identify and account for natural assets at the community level.