In the next 25 years, there will be 20% to 40% more Canadians. Providing this much more housing with today’s development model would create: longer car commutes, increased pollution, higher risk of accidents, increased fatigue, impair quality of life and reduced family time.

A new report by Sustainable Prosperity identifies the immediate and long‐term hidden costs of sprawl. The report represents a strong call to action for municipalities, asking them to adopt new policies and legislation to encourage efficient, healthy and resilient high‐density neighborhood growth.

Join us January 20, 2014 for a panel discussion of this report and other topics related to suburban development at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver.

This panel event moderated by Gord Price, Director of the City Program at Simon Fraser University, will use the findings of this report to address:

  • How is sprawl subsidized by Canadian cities?
  • How do we finance new expectations for development?
  • Can the Vancouver model of urban planning be expanded to include suburbs?
  • What policies will ensure that cities are not left with the tab after development charges are spent?
  • What current incentives encourage developers to build in central areas?
  • How can we make density attractive?
  • Panelists:

    David Thompson Policy Director, Sustainable Communities, Sustainable Prosperity
    Gordon Harris, FCIP President & CEO, UniverCity, SFU Community Trust
    Anne McMullin President & CEO, Urban Development Institute
    Larry Beasley, FCIP Founding Principal, Beasley Associates

    This event is organized by:

    The Canadian Urban Institute
    The City Program at Simon Fraser University
    Sustainable Prosperity
    The Urban Development Institute

    Suburban Sprawl: Innovative approaches to managing suburban sprawl in Canada.

    8AM to 11AM PST
    Simon Frasier University, Vancouver, BC

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    Canadian Urban Institute members $95
    Non-members $130

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