Event Date: October 22, 2010

Part one of the SP Network Montreal Conference Series, organized by SP network members and the SP National Student working group.

Location: McGill University, Strathcona Building (3640 University Street), Room M-1 (enter from south side of the building), 2:30-4:30 pm

Over the past decade, the use of pricing instruments to reduce emission has become increasingly popular. While the federal governments in Canada and the U.S. have struggles to implement far-reaching carbon regulations at the national level, activity among the states and provinces has been considerably more robust. The provinces of Québec and British Columbia are the first North American jurisdictions to implement a carbon tax, while several states and provinces continue to collaborate on regional cap-and-trade programs in the Western Climate Initiative (WCI). The Kyoto Protocol continues to maintain an international cap-and-trade system, supplemented by a carbon offset system. What is the current state of play in these various carbon pricing policies? Where are and where should we be headed? What are the prospects for linking these various approaches?

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