Thursday, October 8, 2015


The Canadian Urban Institute and ReNew Canada will present the Forum in collaboration with Sustainable Prosperity, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, Large Urban Mayors Caucus of Ontario and the Canadian Brownfields Network. Featuring expert presentations and dialogue, the Forum will engage an intimate group of decisionmakers from the public, private and civil society sectors. Participants will work together to debate big questions concerning a National urban agenda:

  • How do we choose the best investments and timing?
  • How do we pay for them?
  • How do we ensure resilient and future-read
  • Outcome:

    CUI will assemble the ideas on content, gaps and priorities from the presentations and discussions to prepare a framework and actions for achieving the INVE$TABLE CITY. Participants will be able to contribute feedback and propose ideas for building momentum for positive change in Canada’s urban policy framework.


    Opening plenary: Canada’s Opportunity to create INVE$TABLE CITIES: Building the tax base, not the tax burden. The Hon. Glen Murray, MPP, Ontario’s Minister of Environment & Climate Change.

    Creating Investment-Ready Conditions: How do we create investment-ready cities to support sustainable urban growth? Who is prepared to invest?

    Networking Break

    Getting to Effective Public Policy & Climate Change: How can the marketplace be engaged to develop effective public policy to benefit Canadian cities – and vice-versa?

    Lunchtime Keynote: International Perspective – Insights for Canadian Cities

    Building Economically Resilient Infrastructure: How do we build resilient urban infrastructure that delivers the best return on investment for public and private stakeholders?

    Networking Break

    Integrating Procurement, Policy & Process: How do we get the right balance to create and sustain competitive INVE$TABLE CITIES?

    Session Wrap-Up: Greening the INVE$TABLE CITY, FCM.

    Next Steps for Canada's Urban Agenda: CUF Advisory Committee Co-Chairs: Kathleen Llewellyn-Thomas, Vice-Chair, CUI Board of Directors & Douglas Olson, CEO, 02+Planning Design, CUI Board of Directors.

    Cocktail Reception

    2015 CUI Brownie Awards Gala Dinner: Recognizing excellence in redeveloping urban sites in Canadian communities.

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