February 10, 2011 to February 11, 2011 | Toronto, Ontario

On February 10th and 11th, 2011, the Greater Toronto Civic Action Alliance will host its next Summit. This major regional gathering will highlight challenges and opportunities facing the GTA in a period of economic recovery and renewed growth and recommend actions towards solving the challenges and taking full advantage of our opportunities. The Summit is a unique vehicle for convening leaders from business, labour, the academic, non-profit and voluntary sectors, as well as all three levels of government. The goal of the Summit is to consider and inspire ground-breaking thinking about how to collectively address the challenges facing the Toronto region. The actions identified at the 2011 Summit will be aimed at all levels of government and civil society, in particular the role that Greater Toronto CivicAction Alliance and its partners can play. Leading up to the Toronto Summit 2011, the Greater Toronto Civic Action Alliance has embarked on a broad-based consultation process involving Working Groups, topic-specific Roundtables and one-on-one and small group consultations throughout 2010. Andrew Bevan, SP's Executive Director, has been engaged in the transportation and infrastructure working group over the past year and will be presenting at the Summit.Details on the working group:Advancing the Big Move & Other Infrastructure Plans Massive federal investments in infrastructure, a new vision for transit (the Big Move) in the GTA and the upcoming 2015 Pan Am Games are top of mind for civic leaders and citizens alike. This topic area will examine what needs to happen to secure long-term sustainable funding/financing for the Big Move (and local transit capital/revenue needs), aim to identify a workable set of revenue generating mechanisms and will consider how to build public support. This discussion will also consider the creation of a fair fare system across the region and the transformative social, economic and environmental outcomes of the Big Move.