Event Date: February 2012

With tight municipal budgets sustainable projects that conserve resources and reduce operating costs are increasingly attractive. The 2012 SCC will profile communities across Canada that are developing and adopting new solutions to meet their ambitious sustainability targets, while saving money and promoting local economic development. A flagship Green Economy Report Building Canada's Green Economy: The Municipal Role was release during the FCM conference during a paneled discussion. David Thompson, SP’s Director of Sustainable Communities, and co-author of the report took part in the panel.Related Materials:To learn more about the event check out the FCM website.ProgramPlenary: Building a Green Economy for Canada The world economy is moving towards a greener future. All countries will have to innovate to ensure a prosperous future by making better use of resources including energy, materials, infrastructure and natural assets. Will Canada be a leader or a follower in this process? Will we spearhead tomorrow's solutions or rely on others to lead the way?Local governments have a pivotal role to play in this transition since their decisions influence the way we live, move, consume energy and water, and manage waste. Through an enabling national policy environment, municipalities can help drive investment shifts that are environmentally and economically beneficial, not only for their community but for the nation as a whole.


Lucy van Oldenbarneveld, CBC News


David Thompson Director, Sustainable Communities, Sustainable Prosperity
David McLaughlin, President and CEO of the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy
Carol Wilding, President and CEO, Toronto Board of Trade
Julian Boyle, Manager, Strategic Energy Policy and Environmental Initiatives, Halifax Regional Municipality