Event Date: February 12, 2010

FCM–Sustainable Communities | Ottawa 2010

Sustainable Prosperity held a session on February 12 at the 2010 Sustainable Communities Conference, organized by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities in Ottawa.

This working session engaged the expertise of practitioners in the audience to assist in building an Environmental Pricing Reform (EPR) toolkit. Sustainable Prosperity’s objective was to identify key EPR tools that are most appropriate to address specific municipal challenges, including land use, transportation, water management, air quality, electricity consumption, sustainable building, social equity and local government financing. Some of the EPR tools participants learned about and commented on included density bonuses, road pricing, water metering and unit pricing, and tax increment financing. The workshop provided participants with important new tools and insights on environmental pricing that they can take back to their organizations; it provided an opportunity for contributing toward new resources for municipal decision makers.



  • Andrew Bevan, Executive Director, Sustainable Prosperity


  • David Thompson, Principal, PolicyLink Research and Consulting


  • Jonathan Westeinde, CEO, Windmill Development Group


  • Kenneth Buckeye, Value Pricing Program Manager, Minnesota Department of Transportation*


  • Harry Kitchen, Professor, Economics Department, Trent University

*For a copy of Kenneth Buckeye's powerpoint presentation, please e-mail info@sustainableprosperity.ca


(left to right: Prof. Harry Kitchen, Jonathan Westeinde, David Thompson, Andrew Bevan)
(left to right: Prof. Harry Kitchen, Jonathan Westeinde, David Thompson, Andrew Bevan)