Event Date: September 23, 2010 to September 24, 2010 | Waterloo, Ontario

Alex Wood, SP's Senior Director, Policy and Markets, is discussant at a morning panel session entitled "Design Issues for Linking Carbon Markets"

Workshop Overview:

The objective of the workshop is to bring together climate governance scholars and practitioners whose work focuses on North America-scale governance structures and policy instruments with policy professionals from Canada, Mexico and the U.S. The workshop presentations will be based on completed papers that each focus on very specific aspects of North American-scale climate cooperation and policy approaches, with a view to providing concrete policy analysis and advice on the institutions, policy instruments and rules affecting the regional climate change cooperation. The approach taken acknowledges that climate change governance in North America will not be top down or formal in its orientation, but rather will be decentralized and directed towards implementation of domestic and international (UNFCCC) commitments, rather than the creation of new institutions and supranational rules. Consequently, the workshop focuses on strengthening existing avenues for cooperation and integrating policy instruments across borders and between levels of government.

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