Event Date: November 12, 2010 | Montreal, Quebec

CIRANO and the Business Economics Chair of l'École Polytechnique de Paris will be holding in Montréal on November 12th a one-day international and interdisciplinary workshop on "Corporate Social Responsibility and Firm Performance."

The workshop will bring together researchers in economics, management, public policy, business strategy and the law. Alex Wood, SP's Senior Director, Policy and Markets, will be one of the main speakers.

View Alex Wood's powerpoint presentation.

Event Description: 
In addition to the necessity of implementing profitable business practices, firms are facing increasing pressure from their stakeholders to be socially responsible; how do those two objectives interact? Is profit maximization compatible with corporate social responsibility? What are the links between CSR and financial performance? What implications does CSR hold for management, business strategy and organizational design? What are the legal constraints on CSR strategies? Among the multiple facets of CSR, from environmental to social to governance factors, is there a combination of such factors most likely to lead to superior performance?