The purpose of the North American Climate Policy Forum is to provide a structured dialogue between senior policy officials from each country and leading experts in climate policy design, low carbon technology and innovation policy. The Forum is a partnership between the University of Ottawa, Smart Prosperity Institute, the Nicholas Institute for Environment Policy Solutions at Duke University, and the Duke University Energy Initiative.

The inaugural event for the Forum took place on June 22-23, 2016 at the University of Ottawa and brought together some of the world's pre-eminent thinkers with senior Canadian, American and Mexican climate policy officials for a two-day dialogue on climate policy design, low carbon technology and innovation policy. The purpose of the inaugural event was to refine our understanding of options to link climate policy across North America, while exploring the possibility of shifting towards an integrated North American low carbon economy. 
A pre-conference paper, Overview of the North American Climate Policy Landscape at the National and Subnational Levels, has been prepared that seeks to frame the current policy context as a base of discussion for all participants in the Forum. The first section of this paper reviews each country’s GHG reduction commitments and describes the international policy linkage opportunities established under the Paris Agreement. The second section gives an overview of the current national policy landscapes, and the third section outlines existing policy linkages between national and subnational jurisdictions in North America. Download the paper here.

Click here to view the discussion and summary report from the forum.